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12 Ideas for a socially-distant seating plan

12 Ideas for a socially-distant seating plan

How does one really go about creating a socially distant wedding? Read on to discover what everyone’s been talking about and how to make it happen for your big day


Group in families

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Seat people in their families, by placing households together in two’s and four’s. Make sure to provide the appropriate distance between each group according to the guidelines in your destination. If you space everything correctly, you can create a grand aisle to walkdown for quite the impressive entrance. Don’t forget a few individual seats for those who aren’t a member of a family group or just feel more comfortable sitting separate. 


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This is one way to make the seating look more ‘planned’ as opposed to following government mandates. Place seat groups diagonally across from each other. Another huge advantage of this is that it avoids the chance of anyone not being able to see the magical moment as no one’s head will be in the way!


Photo: Events by Marylee


Equal distances


Simply place each chair at the guideline distance from the next. This can reduce stress from planning the wedding, as let’s face it the seating probably isn’t up there with the dress and the wedding breakfast arrangements!


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This is the perfect option for an intentional look. Every guest will have a front row seat for the bride’s walk down the aisle. Furthermore, it creates such a group feel as everyone, despite not being close, somehow feels more connected.


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Why not move the altar? Change from the traditional end of the aisle, to centre stage. Arrange seats to watch from every angle, so nobody misses out and everyone feels at a comfortable distance.


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Casual comforts


A fun idea could be to use lounge furniture or an eclectic mix of seating, encouraging guests to sit in households rather than mixing. Sofas, benches and seats should all be provided to present lots of options for spacing out to your guests. Work closely with rental companies to curate the perfect mix of colour and style for your theme. Perfect for those seeking a unique moment as you say ‘I do’. 


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Picnic style


Another casual take on wedding seating. Placing blankets on the ground creates a very clear way of grouping households separately from others. If you want to make it even more evident to your guests, why not personalise it further and monogram blankets for each group?


Photo: Rick Cortez/ Wedding Planner: Elsie Event Co.


At the drive-in


A classic, old-school American theme could be to have a drive-in wedding. Guests can drive in their own cars and space out accordingly. Just make sure the parking space is big enough to accommodate everyone! For a thoughtful touch hire car hop service to bring food and drinks right to the guests in the comfort of their own cars.


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Table seating


Combine the ceremony and reception by seating guests at their tables from the very start of the day. It eliminates all the fuss of moving guests safely between venues, by encouraging much less mixing of households.


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A view


Stadium seating could be the perfect solution to a socially distant wedding. If every guest is seated at a height then everyone will be able to see from their different levels. Balconies, decking and porches, all provide the perfect venue for this idea. Alternatively, you could separate groups and provide a big screen close up of proceedings for those further back. Just like you’re at the big game!


Photo: Brynna Kathleen via Bridal Bliss


Filling space


Worried that the affair will be rather sparse looking? Fill those holes with decoration. Depending on your theme, opt for plants, or furniture. A fun idea could be to place cut-outs of guests who can’t make the big day.


Photo: Luminous Weddings


Take to water


Opt for a lake venue and get everyone out into boats to watch the moment. How romantic! Or, you could get married in a boat and have everyone watch along the shore, or from a dock. 


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Photo: Brynna Kathleen via Bridal Bliss

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