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15 Things You Shouldn’t Say After Your Engagement

15 Things You Shouldn’t Say After Your Engagement

We’re all prone to foot-in-mouth disease once in a while, and with all the excitement of an engagement, this is usually the time you fall victim to such thing. If you’re not completely happy with how something panned out- it’s best to keep those lips zipped, this is a happy time remember! You don’t want to say anything you may regret later.

1. Well it took you long enough!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for months or decades, it’s never a good idea to make your partner guilty about the time of their proposal- just enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment!

2. Is the stone real?

Of course, you’ll probably have questions about your ring, but it’s best to save these for another time. It’s probable that you’ll need to get your ring insured at a later date, so you’ll discover all the details at the appraisal.

3. Oh, I was expecting a different cut/carat/style/size

Most likely, your partner spent hours trying to find you the perfect ring that they think suits you best. Even if you don’t love it, nows not the time to bring this up, it’s the meaning of the ring that’s most important.

4. You call that a speech?

Without a doubt, your partner was really nervous about saying all the right things before they popped the big question, so don’t make them feel embarrassed about stumbling on their words.

5. I knew it!

Even if you were expecting a proposal, act surprised!

6. I thought you’d be more creative/elaborate/intimate/romantic

Proposals are different for everyone, and some are more planned whilst others are more spontaneous. One style isn’t anymore special than another so there’s no need to criticise your partners choice.

7. Good! Because I wouldn’t have stuck with you much longer if there wasn’t a ring on my finger!

Simply harsh and rude, it’s likely that your other half had their reasons for waiting, so there’s no need to question their timing straight after your engagement.

8. Well, I didn’t think you’d do it here!!

Remember, it’s the love and romance surrounding the proposal that counts, not the location. Whether it be on a tropical beach or a small baseball game- every proposal is special.

9. How much did the ring cost?

Another thing that doesn’t matter! Your partner would’ve spent what they’re comfortable with, so keep the topic of money clear after any engagement.

10. Where are all my family and friends?

If your partner is planning on surprising you, you’ll know about it very soon. And if there’s nothing extra planned, don’t make them feel guilty!

11. Aw, lovely. Now can we go because The Bachelor’s starting in 15 minutes

Did someone say priorities?!?!?!

12. Oh, you didn’t hire a photographer?

We all know it’s a nice idea to hire a photographer for the engagement. However, if your partner decided not to, or they forgot, you really shouldn’t be criticising them for it.

13. I found the ring last week…

Everyone’s got some acting skills in them somewhere- use them and act surprised!

14. How can you afford this

An engagement is not the time to question your partners finances, how they paid for the ring is none of your concern- just enjoy it!

15. My finger looks fat with this ring

We can assure you… it doesn’t

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