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8 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

8 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Let’s face it,  these days girls are just as likely to be presented with a “fake” engagement ring as they are with the “real” one so whether you are a guy hoping to invest in a sparkler for your lady this holiday season or a gal who will be going shopping to choose her own engagement ring after he pops the question, you all need to listen up because today, we are sharing our 8 tips for buying an engagement ring. It’s hopefully going to be a once in a lifetime investment so it’s important to get it right and for the sake of today’s post, we are going to presume you are the guy. A girl knows what she wants after all!


It’s a salespersons job to seal the deal from the minute you walk in the door and they will stop nothing when it comes to their commission, so don’t be fooled into thinking they haven’t got an agenda. Set your budget before you are blinded by the sparkle and be realistic. What can you afford? Jewellers will tell you that the standard is three months salary, which if you are looking for a starting point, then fair enough. Just be sure before you spend and consider your personal situation. Is your job secure? Do you have any outstanding loans? We are pretty sure that most girls would rather you less expensive ring and a more stable future – and show me a diamond ring in every value bracket that isn’t gorgeous. What ever your budget ends up being, make sure you get the most for your money. If it’s the quality of the stone that matters most, buying a 1.8 carat instead of 2.0 will save you a sizeable amount, but if you think the stone size matters most, consider buying a stone that isn’t as deep but has a larger surface area.


It’s a wise idea to know your terminology before you head to any jewellers. Do your research and have a fair understanding of what is meant by the terms band, setting, cut, colour, clarity, carat, and gemstone. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different types of metals, gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. This way, you will have more confidence and give the impression that you have done your homework and will quickly ensure the jeweller reworks their sales pitch.


It’s so so important that you do your research and select reputable jewellers to buy your engagement ring from. Consider smaller boutique jewellers as well as larger chains and compare what they have on offer. Check their return policies and whether they are apart of any associations such as KPSC, an organisation established to prevent conflict diamonds. Be confident when you buy.


An engagement ring is probably going to be the most valuable and precious item of jewellery that a woman is ever going to own so it’s important that she adores looking at it everyday! Before you even think about going shopping for the ring, start paying attention to the jewellery she already owns. Does she tend to pick out gold or silver items for herself? Are they large pieces or does she veer towards the dainty? Does she have a preference for modern jewellery as opposed to vintage? It’s also a good idea to take mental notes if she comments on any of her friends’ engagement rings, good and bad!


Generally speaking, you can either buy the stone and then choose the setting separately, or buy a ring ready waiting for its owner. Either way, choose the ring based on the shape and cut of the stone first as this is what matters most. The most common shape is the round cut diamond but there are plenty more diamond cuts to choose from. All you need to know really is that the shape of the diamond is more important than the setting. It’s no harm to take a quick look at a few different shaped ring settings and styles such as hexagonal and organic, in case something your girlfriend might like catches your eye. It’s why snooping around her jewellery box is so important- understanding her personal taste a little better will help you when choosing the shape and style of ring.


If you are buying a loose stone and having it set to your own taste, you are not going to be able to take it home with you the day you buy. Different jewellers will have different time frames so if you are planning to propose with the ring on a special occasion, don’t be disappointed and make sure it will be ready on time.


A diamond certificate provides all the details about the ring you are purchasing such as the certification body, the colour, cut and clarity grade, carat weight, dimensions of stone, date of issue. An appraisal will also include the monetary value of the ring which is required when insuring it.


I know a girl whose engagement ring was flushed down a toilet by accident. I wish I was joking. An engagement ring is priceless in terms of sentimental value but taking out insurance on your engagement ring will not only offer you peace of mind, it will honour its financial value as well as what the ring represents. The replacement of a lost or stolen ring will never be as special as the original, but not being able to replace it at all will be heart crushing. Be safe and not sorry, protect such a sentimental piece of jewellery.
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