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A Novel Idea – Using Books as Wedding Inspiration

A Novel Idea – Using Books as Wedding Inspiration

Today we’re conjuring up some “book wedding inspiration”. I have always loved books and when I get married I would love to bring in a book theme. One of my earliest memories is of sitting beside my mother, both of us with a book, and scanning the pages just like she was. She asked me what I was doing (I wasn’t able to read yet) and I said I was ‘practicing’ for when I learned to read. I still remember what the book was- ‘Treasure Island’, and I have to say that to this day I have not made my way through it…! Possibly sea-adventure stories are not my thing- I couldn’t finish ‘Moby Dick’ either. Although ‘The Life of Pi’ is one of my favourite books, and I can’t wait for the film to come out in a few weeks! Today we have lots of ideas for fellow bibliophiles on using books as wedding inspiration and ways to incorporate them into your celebration. I really didn’t know there were so many things that could be done with book pages until I started looking…


There are so many ways to incorporate the written page into wedding decor. The hanging paper hearts above and the brooch, confetti and cufflinks below are all from Bookity on Etsy which is a great store for all decorations literary. The store up-cycles not only unwanted books but also maps and music sheets, how creative! 

Books can be left semi-casually around tables, almost as set pieces to add colourful and interesting aspects. The stylists below made little (and big) flowers out of pages and draped them around chairs and trees. Suspended books with looped pages alongside tea lights add an atmospheric touch too. 

The laser-cut lace dress below reminds me of the paper angels and snowflakes we used to make as children by folding and cutting paper, I love the way you can see the dusky pink beneath. Wedding invitations can be designed to open out like a book, and even have their own little “dust-jacket” (so cute!) 

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To drum up some inspiration it might be a good idea to make a list of you and your other half’s favourite books and authors. What about having every table named after one of the authors (or books?) You could have a quote at each table- this doesn’t have to be romantic, it could be a funny quote to get guests talking, or even guessing where the quote came from. Look at your favourite books’ covers, you might find a pattern that would be perfect to incorporate into your ‘save the dates’ or invitations. If nothing comes of it you’ll still enjoy thinking about and looking at the books you love! I really enjoyed collecting these: 

It has taken me the longest time to get that list down to seven books!Well next time I’m in a thrift store I’ll look twice at the titles I don’t want to read- I didn’t know they could be used for so much more. Hope you enjoyed and would love to hear any of your suggestions for a book-lover’s wedding. Back tomorrow with a beautiful (if we do say so ourselves!) engagement shoot.

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