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Affordable Wedding Venues in Kenya

Affordable Wedding Venues in Kenya

Finding wedding venues in Kenya is the most important part of many weddings. Who said that you should spend a fortune on it? It is possible to work with a low cost if not free wedding venue and have a distinguished wedding that will always linger on your guests minds.

Some things come once in a lifetime and your wedding day is among them. You never get to do it over again so everything must be perfect. The flower decor, the food, the photography as well as the wedding venue must be spectacular.

You will agree with me that money is usually the core issue when planning a wedding. No one wants to settle for the best. There is no room for a second best because of money issues. This is basically why in Kenya or Africa at large, wedding committees are very common, this is where friends and relatives come together to not only give advice on the dos and don’t s but also contribute financially on making the couples wedding day a special one.

With a tight budget, one way to save in the planning process is to go for affordable wedding venues. It is advice able to look around, use your imagination and try to spend some time to spot some affordable venue to host your wedding.

Affordable Wedding Venues in Kenya

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Church Wedding Venues in Kenya

This kind of wedding venue is usually low cost if not free for religious people. If you are a member of a church or any other religion, you can often utilize their facilities for your big day. They usually don’t charge but on the other hand, they will accept a donation of what you can afford.

Most churches have grounds enough to hold a wedding ceremony. They are usually ready to do anything to help one of their members have the best for their wedding. If you are a member of such a religious setting, then you don’t have to look further because you already got a place for your wedding.Examples of such churches in Nairobi are ACK Cathedrals, Parklands Baptist, Nairobi Pentecostal Churches and many others beautiful religious settings.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kenya

These wedding venues can create a perfect picturesque for your big day. If you are thinking of this kind of venue, then you better consider if the weather allows. You do not want you wedding to be messed up by the weather. You can imagine how your wedding will be a mess when it rains heavily and the bride has to walk on mud with a long white gown.This can really break your special day.

A relative or friend with a big backyard can provide the venue for a low cost. Often flowers will be available if in season. All you got to do is to is add a few chairs and an altar. With this, you are well set.

Parks are another option that can be utilized. You just have to check with the relevant authorities in charge of the parks like the Municipal council for their rules and regulations on wedding ceremonies.Most of the time these kind of venues are on demand so, it is wise to make booking arrangements early enough.

Beach wedding venues in Kenya are not to be left out. Of course there are public beaches and private beaches.A public one can be a little messy because usually it is flooded with people. Either way, beaches have the same rules and regulations and you have to consult the relevant authorities.

Organization Wedding Venues in Kenya

You usually utilize the facilities of an organization for a minimum cost if you, your friend or your relative is a member of that organization. If you work or are a member of a golf club, hotel or any Kenyan organization, then you can request for their grounds at a fair price. There are so many organizations with backyards enough to be a wedding venue. Most of these organizations have meeting halls that could make for perfect wedding locations.

Take you time to look around and find a low cost wedding venue in Kenya and save your funds for other important things. With time, the venue will be long forgotten but the wedding pictures will be a constant memory of your special day. It is wise to spend money on a professional photographer, wedding attire, decor and also the honeymoon or safari there after. These together will make for very outstanding reminders of your wedding.

After having a look at different wedding packages, you will realize that finding affordable wedding venues in Kenya can be that easy.

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