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Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget

“What do you think of a Beach Wedding?” ,my pal asked me on chat. All I had to say was … “ Anything is possible”. Before we explore the beach wedding ideas, maybe we should start from the basics.

What is your favorite holiday destination? If you are beach lovers, then a beach wedding will really make your special day one of its kind.

Just the mention of a beach wedding can bring unending concerns to a couple wishing to have a budget wedding. Many times we have associated a beach wedding with extravagance. This is a total misconception. You do not have to bankrupt yourself of all your lifetime savings. It is actually possible for anyone to hold a stylish and elegant beach wedding even on a minimalistic budget.

Simple Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget

When planning your wedding, the first thing to consider is the venue. In this case you have to decide on which beach to get married on. If you live at the coastal region, then you could consider the beach closest to you to save on the cost of transportation and accommodation. I can comfortably call this…”bringing the wedding home”.

Incase you do not live anywhere close to the beach then you don have to worry. The most ideal and cost effective thing to do is to rent out a beach house close to the chosen venue. This will enable you to use it as the center for planning. It also ensures that you do not have hotel accommodation expenses. Not forgetting, the beach house could be a venue for your reception. How much more homely can that be?

Once that is set, then we can focus on the details.

Guest list Consideration

This being an outdoor wedding, it is important to make it closed in terms of the guests. Have the people you are always in constant contact with only. This mean it will involve just a few of your friends and family.

I cannot imagine a beach wedding with a large crowd. Remember, the essence of a beach wedding was to bring out the holiday mood to your special day. This can only be achieved with a small crowd.

Having a restricted guest list will indeed help in cutting down the cost of your wedding. First, you will not need to send out invitation cards. You can opt to casually invite your guests. But if you are a graphic designer or have a graphic designer friend, then designing the invitation and printing them out is much easier.

Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Beach Wedding Decoration

Using beach wedding decoration minimally or rather making them yourself can really be a budget saver. With the ocean as the backdrop for your wedding, then it is enough décor. Do not exaggerate by having to many things in place. The only additions could be stakes driven to the ground purposely for the aisle fencing.A few flowers with your theme colors can be used to decorate the aisle for that matter.

If it is an evening wedding, then candles lit around the aisle can bring out that romantic touch and glow to your venue. Matching the candle colors with your theme colors will also add a stylish touch to it altogether

Now that you have a defined guest list, you can rent chairs for them and arrange them yourself to save on the cost. Incase you are worried about untimely showers, then , use the candles under hurricane lamps. Renting a canopy will also be ideal incase of extreme weather conditions.

The chairs can also be arrange in a restaurant like style. Each table can have lamps to give that unique touch. This will also act as the reception for the wedding.

There are unending beach wedding ideas on a budget. These are just a pinch of it. Simplicity is a part of elegance. Using simple ideas will not only make your wedding budget go down but also give it a personalized touch at the same time. All you need is to pan it right and for sure you will enjoy your beach wedding without stretching yourself too much.

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