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Flowers from Amsterdam Sweet Succulent Wedding Flowers

Flowers from Amsterdam Sweet Succulent Wedding Flowers

At Blog For Bride, starting off this lovely Monday morning with some more flower inspiration, although I’m not really sure you can call the sweet succulent a flower! The succulent is a thick and fleshy plant that usually stores water in its stems and leaves to survive tough weather conditions. They can be bought all year round and what we love about these little fat plants is not only do they look great, they are really easy to mind so you won’t have to worry about waking up to dead flowers on your wedding day! We love to see succulent wedding flowers used – they are a great feature to any bouquet and make the cutest little bouts and favours. We also love how one couple got super crafty and made the awesome ceremony back drop in one of the pictures below. 

Succulent Wedding Flowers


Succulents are available all year round but you will find them quicker in a garden centre than at a local market so if you are doing your own bouquets and centre pieces while abroad, be sure to research where to go, before you travel.


If you do make it to a garden centre then you need to do very little with your succulents after you buy them. If you want to include them as part of your bouquet, remove the plant from the soil along with it’s roots and dead leaves and clean in water. You will also need to buy some flower wire and flower tape to stem and secure the succulent before you start adding them to the rest of your flowers.


Succulents are most popular in a greyish green colour but they also come in a variety of other bright shades such as red, orange, yellow and purple.


Succulent Wedding Flowers 

I have to say, I love the simplicity of this single green succulent bouquet against the white dress and the boutonnieres above look beautiful on their own too so don’t be afraid to keep it simple, it can have just as big an impact.

Succulent Wedding Flowers 

Hanging Wedding Succulents 

Sarah Yates via Inspired by this

These hanging succulents are very easy to achieve but make such a statement. How beautiful would they look dotted around your venue, suspended from the trees? Mix with tea lights so it stays pretty at night time. 

Wedding Succulents Cake 

I adore this soft iced cake, again the white and green combo works so well together and it couldn’t be simpler to recreate the look. 

Wedding Succulents Idea

If you are going for the boho look then we love both the basket bouquet idea above and the second bouquet paired with the feathers and purple tone. 

Wedding Succulent Bouquet

Wedding Succulents Ceremony Backdrop 

This is one of the most creative, eco and budget friendly ceremony backdrops I’ve ever seen. As soon as the wedding is over, you can replant these succulents in your garden – that’s if you are not having a destination wedding of course. 

Wedding Succulent Details 

Wedding Succulents Ideas

Purple Succulent Wedding 

Not a fan of green? How about these purple succulents to add some more drama? Succulents come in so many colours and they all look great together if you want to mix and match. You can see from the selection of images that whether you choose to pair your succulents with other flowers and colours or show them off on their own, you’re never going to fail with the succulent – I’d actually find it hard to choose what way to work this little plant. 

Thanks for stopping by today and we will see you back here tomorrow for some more real wedding inspiration.

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