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Get inspired by these tips for planning your small wedding celebration

Get inspired by these tips for planning your small wedding celebration

There are endless possibilities with a smaller, more intimate wedding! A unique way to celebrate your wedding that is definitely very on-trend, a smaller and more refined guest list enables you to dedicate a larger part of your budget to creating more personal touches that will make your wedding a day to remember. They also enable you to enjoy a greater connection with each of your guests, and therefore you can spend more time organising a wonderful day that will make everyone feel truly included and catered for.

In fact, a smaller wedding might become the new standard way to celebrate, as the COVID-19 pandemic has put an end to large gatherings for the time being. If you are planning an intimate wedding, keep reading! As we are going to give you some advice and inspiration so that your small wedding is unique and incredibly special.

Photo via Aljosa Petric

Take your time with the wedding planning

Even though your guest list will be smaller, that doesn’t mean that you can’t begin your wedding planning early! The beauty of holding an intimate wedding is that you can spend more time focusing on the unique decorations and extra details. Therefore, you need to dedicate just as much time, no matter how big your guest list is!

Personalisation is the key to success

A smaller wedding means you can dedicate a larger part of your budget to the little but valuable details. Let your imagination run wild, as this is your opportunity to make your wedding day truly special and personal to you. It would be a very sweet gesture to offer small welcome gifts for your guests to treasure and remember your wedding forever, something that relates to your wedding location, theme or something that reflects your relationship as a couple. You could even plan and design little activities for your guests on your special day, such as a treasure hunt. You can be as creative as possible, because the possibilities are endless!

Photo by Aljosa Petric

New priorities

As we have already mentioned, a smaller wedding gives you the chance to spend more money on other things. This means that you can refocus and think about the aspects of your big day that are the most important to you, and allow yourself to dedicate more of your budget to them. Whether that’s your wedding dress, the flowers, a live music act… Treat yourselves!

Equally, if your wedding is a more intimate, informal affair, you can certainly break the mould and take a step back from the traditional wedding conventions. Take the time to analyse what truly matters to you on your wedding day, and the things that aren’t as important. Don’t spend money on aspects that you aren’t excited about! For example, if you’d rather have a quieter, more sociable cocktail party for your after-party, rather than a disco, have no fear and leave the dance parties behind.

A ceremony that involves everyone

An intimate wedding opens many doors and allows you to hold a more inclusive ceremony in which each of your guests play a part. For example, several guests could have speeches or poems prepared, some could play music as you walk down the aisle, there could be a sweet ritual in which each guests make a wish on or blesses your rings… Smaller weddings often allow for a more informal, fun ceremony where everyone can get involved!

photo by Gina Paulson

Dine as a family

There’s no need for a huge room with lots of tables if you’re having a small wedding! Our favourite idea is to have one singular long table that will seat all of your guests, making for a more intimate and sociable banquet. This also allows you to play games at the table that involve everyone, such as Chinese Whispers. Fall in love with a gorgeous long table with a colourful table runner and a long row of flowers and candles!

A unique after party to remember forever

A smaller guest list enables you to plan an after-party that each guest will absolutely love, as you can add personalised touches to suit everybody. On a basic level, you could use different rooms throughout the night, with one dedicated to partying, one dedicated to chilling out and one dedicated to socialising. Or, you could plan activities that involve everybody together, such as a murder mystery, a scavenger hunt, a game of twister… Let your creativity run wild and plan a unique after party that is personal to you and your guests.

photo by Elina Upmane

Extend the celebrations

With a smaller group of people, you have the possibility to extend your wedding celebrations beyond your wedding day, and organise activities in the days leading up to and after your wedding. This is especially fun if you are holding a destination wedding! For example, you could hold a welcome dinner, a brunch after the wedding, sight-seeing trips, wine tastings, mountain hikes, surfing lessons… Take advantage of your surroundings and make the most of your destination wedding, enjoying every moment with your guests!

Hire a wedding coordinator for the big day

In order to ensure that you are always living in the moment with your loved ones all throughout your wedding day, it would be an excellent idea to hire a wedding coordinator who would ensure that your special day runs smoothly and to perfection. This means that you won’t have to worry about sorting out any last-minute catering issues or after-party problems, and you know that your decorations and extra touches will all be in the perfect place at the right time, just as you had imagined your wedding day to be. If this is something that appeals to you (and we definitely recommend it!) then get in touch with Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, as our wedding planning service is unbeatable and top class!

Photo via Aljosa Petric, Wedding planner: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

As you can see, a smaller wedding can be just as special as an event with a larger guest list, as there is greater opportunity to personalise your big day. At any wedding, no matter how big or small, the most important thing is that you enjoy sharing this special moment with your loved ones, and hold a celebration that you will treasure in your hearts forever. This means that you should celebrate in whatever way you choose, so the more personal the wedding, the better.

At Blog For Bride, we can’t help but fall in love with the magic of an intimate wedding! We even offer a whole host of venues aroud the world that are perfect for smaller weddings, and we can provide infinite pieces of advice and inspiration, so if you are planning your own small wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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