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How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen

How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen

We’ve pulled together the ultimate wedding beauty timeline broken out month by month.

1 year Prior

1. Skin: Manage Stress
2. Skin: Set Up an Appointment With Your Dermatologist
3. Skin: Consider Laser Hair Removal
4. Body: Nourish Your Skin Starting in the Shower
5. Teeth: Time to Go to the Dentist
6. Health: Sleep Is Everything
7. Health: Stick to Healthy Eating Habits

9 months Prior

1. Skin: Decide If Retinol Is Right for You
2. Hair: Keratin Treatment

6 months Prior

1. Skin: Get Into Dry Brushing
2. Health: Tone Up Your Upper Body
3. Health: Limit Your Sugar Intake
4. Skin: Start up your facial routine

5 months Prior

1. Skin: Take Time to Exfoliate and Follow Up With a Brightening Serum
2. Teeth: Start prepping for smooth honeymoon skin

3 months Prior

1. Skin: Skip the Wine and Get to Juicing
When: 3 months out

2 months Prior

1. Hair: Personalize Your Hair Style
2. Brows: Put the Tweezers Down

1 months Prior

1. Health: Relax from planning and calm your nerves
2. Skin: STOP trying new products

10 days

1. Hair: Come Up With a Color Game Plan
2. Skin: Prep makeup and lips

1 day Prior

1. Hair: Shampoo and style your hair


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