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Top 20 Bohemian Wedding Ideas

Top 20 Bohemian Wedding Ideas

Photo Via Sav Brown Photography

Boho weddings are super unique, that’s why we love them so much! This style means something different to everyone, which is why no two bohemian weddings are the same. So if you’re planning a boho wedding, but aren’t quite sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the common design traits for you to be inspired by. Just read on and you’ll be ready to start planning.

What is bohemian?

This wedding trend has been around for a few years now and has bought us the famous flower-crowns, unique bridesmaids dresses, pampas grass and nature-inspired decor. The boho look is eclectic and unique, usually with more collected decor than matched items throughout the venue. It incorporates different textures, earthy decor, rich colours, wildflowers, vintage rugs etc. Popular boho wedding venues are usually outdoors, places such as beaches, forests and gardens, but can also be created in places such as barns. A great thing about boho weddings is that you can often pair it with other themes, for example, ‘boho glam’ or ‘rustic boho’.

Boho inspiration

So… you’ve decided to have a bohemian theme for you wedding, now it’s time for the fun part and start planning your decor! Here’s a list of some of our favourite boho ideas.

Photo Via Liz Koston Photography

Boho wedding invites

Invitations are your guests’ first impression of your wedding, so it’s always fun to hint the theme. We love the idea of round invitations with bold typography that’ll nod to the boho theme.

Photo Via Greylilycalligraphy

Calligraphy vow books

Another great way to add a bohemian touch to your stationary is with bohemian vow books. Try using paper that’s torn at the edges for a fun twist, they also make great keepsakes!

Photo Via Ink & Opal Co.

Crochet shoes

Many couples opt to go barefoot at bohemian weddings, but if you’re wanting to wear shoes, be sure to make sure they’re comfortable and casual. For example, crochet sandals are a great idea and nod to the relaxed vibe of the day.

Photo Via Cleveland Makeup Artistry By Karin Dodge

Natural Makeup

A sun-kissed look is always a good bet for bohemian weddings, use golds, pinks, and peaches to compliment to boho theme. We love how laid-back and beautiful this natural makeup look is.

Photo Via La Petite Photo

Boho wedding gowns

If you’re looking for a boho style dress, we recommend looser styles with design elements such as bell sleeves and fringe.

Photo Via Catalina Jean Photography

Bright and colourful bridesmaids dresses

This is the perfect time to have fun with colour and choose something unique for the bridesmaids dresses. Think mix-and-match styles, bright colours and even patterns.

Photo Via Lustrebella

Bridal hats

What we love most about boho weddings is the ability to play around with accessories and have some fun, and we especially love bridal hats! These are also super practical if your wedding is being held somewhere sunny. Even if you don’t want a hat for the whole day, they sure look great in photos.

Statement boutonniere

Another way you can play about with accessories and have some fun, choose a bold and oversized flower, such as a protea, for your boutonniere.

Photo Via Avonne Photography

Patterned Shirts

Tuxedos aren’t really fitting to the boho style, so if you’re looking for a more informal look, we love the idea of a patterned shirt for a fashion statement.

Photo Via Breezy Day

Wood signs

Despite their practical functions, signs are also integral decor to your day, so choose a fun style! For a boho theme, a wooden sign is a great idea, especially with white calligraphy.

Photo Via Gianny Campos Photography

Boho ceremony decor

For the ceremony, a great way to incorporate a boho theme is with large floral backdrops. Go for something non-traditional, like this super cool round backdrop.

Photo Via Ines Naftali Floral and Event Design

Mismatched seating

We love the eclectic look this seating creates, it’s super unique and creates a vintage vibe. Use antique upholstered chairs and sofas for the ceremony seating for a beautiful boho look.

Photo Via Onyx & Redwood

A sprinkle of succulents

Succulents and cacti perfectly fit a boho theme, so spread them throughout your venue! Whether it be as centrepieces or altar decoration, they’re a great element to add to your bohemian day.

Photo Via Jordan Voth Photography

Boho tents

Perfect for your reception, tents and teepees are an incredibly fun addition to your boho wedding. Decorate them with pampas grass and eclectic cushions for an Instagram hotspot.

Photo Via Jessie Bennett Photography

Rattan furniture

Rattan, wicker and bamboo are staples at any boho wedding, especially if you’re looking to create a cool 70s vibe.

Photo Via Apryl Ann Photography

Crystal escort cards

Not only are they beautiful, but crystals and geodes can bring good energy to your big day. We love the look of this hanging geode display of escort cards, your guests are sure to love it too!

Photo Via Sav Brown Photography

Vintage rugs

Rugs can completely transform your venue and add a guaranteed boho touch. You can use them whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding too!

Photo Via Primrose Floral & Event Design

Suspended centrepieces

A great, non-traditional way to display your centrepieces is to have them suspended from the ceiling. This looks amazing with pampas grass and greenery, however, it will require a little extra planning so check with your florist if this is a possibility.

Photo Via Bloominous

Crochet table runners

For an instant boho look, try decorating wooden tables with crochet or macramé to create a beautiful tablescape.

Photo Via Boho Chic Dreams

Boho wedding cake

To add a bohemian flair to your wedding cake, try using dried greenery and other botanicals for a beautiful and whimsical look. This particular cake uses a fan palm, dry eucalyptus and bleached Italian ruscus.


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