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Umbrellas at Weddings

Umbrellas at Weddings

Morning all! How have we been this week?! Another busy one here at BlogForBride and there are a few changes on the way but we will keep you up to date as always!  

A few days ago, we had some bicycle wedding inspiration for those of you who enjoy the hobby. I must admit, this theme brought back some unwanted memories from my leaving cert, I couldn’t get Patrick Kavanagh and his bicycles going by in two’s and three’s out of my head! On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of sharing one fine and elegant wedding from the smoky mountains of Tennessee. On Wednesday, we had a surprise engagement in beautiful Rome. Yesterday then we were in beautiful Mexico for a wedding on the beach which brings us nicely to today, Friday. 

We fell in love with another 5 weddings around the world this week…

1960’s Romance on a bus – Love the daisy chain and the lampshade decor

A handpicked wedding in Australia – Love how this couple collected bits and pieces as they went along

Roaring 20s wedding in Palm Springs – Syncronized Swimmers as a special surprise!

Hearts and Red noses at this Amsterdam Wedding – So much fun!

A stylish Wedding near Lake Ohau, New Zealand – A bride happy to rock out on the guitar!

Maybe not the most weather appropriate post this morning given the beautiful sunny weather (you’d never think that there was such terrible flooding around Ireland earlier this week) but I love umbrellas and wellies and own lots of them… in all sorts of colours…. em,  and they all match! It’s part of living in Ireland and the weather we get, when you can’t beat it, join it kind of attitude I suppose! Anyway, today’s post was really inspired by this beautiful wedding by Christina Brosnan. I love that this couple took on the weather and still had their out door wedding in the rain. I also really love the umbrellas and how they add to their beautiful pictures. Umbrellas also make beautiful props, hanging upside down from the roof and just like the bicycle theme on Monday, you could really use them as a motif through out your wedding day, on your invitations, napkins, mini umbrellas in drinks and so on. I will admit, it’s hard to find pretty umbrellas so I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite from the Cath Kidston and Lisbeth Dahl ranges in the hope that it might inspire you to embrace the umbrella.

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